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Mayoral Candidate Trini Rodriguez calls for bold leadership to help Denverites feel safe.

Denver Mayor Candidate Trinidad ‘Trini’ Rodriguez today unveiled his public safety plan to move Denver forward.

Denver Mayor Candidate Trinidad ‘Trini’ Rodriguez today unveiled his plan to address the rising crime in Denver and restore public safety.

While growing up in West Denver, Trini and his mom both faced a lot of roadblocks, including violent crime. When Trini was nine years old, his home was broken into and his mother was assaulted. Thanks to the quick response of Denver PD, Trini felt safe in his own home again. He believes every Denverite deserves to feel safe too. 

The first step Trini will take is to work with the Denver Police Department to hire more police officers. This includes hiring the best in-class leadership and management to help develop our officers over time, working to make officers feel supported, and ultimately increase job satisfaction and talent retention overall.


Denver’s police force is the same size as it was in 1997. Meanwhile our city has grown by about 50% since then. 


"Those numbers don't work for a safe city; our police department needs to grow with our city," said Trinidad Rodriguez. "Reducing funding for safety is not the answer."


 Trini will also prioritize working to restore trust between law enforcement and the community at-large. 

"Our city can’t reach its full potential without serious commitment to restore trust between law enforcement and the community it serves."

Trini's administration will work to ensure that Denver police officers are doing the work they are trained to do and have all of the training to do their work while preserving life. 


Trini also supports raising the standards and performance for equity in policing with rigorous training programs on de-escalating conflicts and using non-lethal techniques to protect life. 


Another priority of Trini's is the STAR program, which he hopes to expand to support his plan for opening pathways to treatment for people living unhoused on our streets and as long as our community’s mental health challenges grow. 


New data sharing will also open a range of opportunities for transparency on equity in our public safety, and Trini's administration will help to pursue that.

As Mayor, Trini will also invest in sharing regarding best practices for law enforcement and coordination with surrounding counties to help stem cycles of criminal behavior, enhancing safety and mitigating financial loss in our community. He will push our neighbor cities to adopt similar approaches and join us in advocating for state laws and programs that compel and incentivize it.

The other area where Trini wants to see significantly better performance in the Legislature is moving the needle on penalties and restrictions that prevent rampant gun violence plaguing our community. This protects everyone in Denver, including our safety and first responder teams.

Finally, Trini will fill the Manager of Safety position with a highly experienced leader, balanced in advocating for department needs in the cabinet while holding our performance accountable.


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