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Vision and Solutions

I have spent the last several months in city builder and community builder mode, listening to community members and leaders and sharing my vision and solutions for Denver's most pressing challenges and what's possible for our city's future. I found that these ideas both resonate and have given reasons for hope over despair. Combining this with my over 25 years of dedication to leadership among Denver's most efficient nonprofit and civic organizations, I am ready to develop and implement fair and equitable strategies to achieve real solutions.


City and community builders need to have a vision for the results they want to see. It starts looking into the future and developing an awareness of what conditions the future could bring. We can't do the same things and expect different results. It's time for bold leadership to achieve my vision of building a city where every Denverite, regardless of their neighborhood, can achieve their version of success—
  • Enjoy life and health with abandon.
  • Grow and cultivate all that is important to them.
  • Honor, dignify and protect neighbors and communities.
  • Live in a city that serves nature.


I have been tireless in my pursuit of solutions to Denver’s most vexing challenges and opportunities to provide affordable and equitable health care and education. I have constantly evolved through providing leadership in addressing homelessness, affordability, economic development and entrepreneurship in Denver’s business, nonprofit and civic sectors.  My financial and management acumen will set my ability to build teams and strategies apart.

Safety - No compromises on the safety of our people and visitors. Denverites deserve to feel safe, but unfortunately too many don't. We need to restore our police ranks while also ensuring equity in our policing. Learn more.

Homelessness - Our systems and approaches work for many experiencing homelessness and fall severely short for too many—without working for our communities—amidst a rapidly changing landscape. Too many unhoused folks are dying on our streets. It doesn't have to be this way. Learn more.

Economic Opportunity and Affordability - Affordability is a function of living costs and incomes, which have been severely out of balance for many years. We can and should have more tools to harness the most powerful force to address expense: the private for-profit and nonprofit development sectors to meet the needs of continued growth in demand for living and doing business in Denver. At the same time, labor markets have shifted dramatically in recent years so the approaches of the past need to make way for upward mobility in the world of today.
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