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JB Breit is a sixth-grader at The Logan School. JB's passion for politics, government, and elections moved him to interview Trini to learn more about his unique perspective and skills.

Summary Card

Trinidad Rodriguez

Successful Finance Expert - Social Entrepreneur 

Place or Origin:


First Financing:

At eight, I learned how finance works with my first transaction: my mom, who raised me on her own, exchanged my chores for “IOUs” to be traded later for cash.

Career Highlight:

I’m proud of the Welton Park Apartments at 23rd and Welton streets, consisting of 223 affordable multi-family apartments that I financed. Both an Enterprise Green Communities and transit-oriented development, it was the first such development on Five Points in decades providing housing opportunities to those Denverites who need it most.

A Bit More About Me

A Bit More About Me

I was born and raised in West Denver, and went on to an over 20-year career financing social infrastructure that resulted in classrooms, clinic and hospital facilities, and affordable housing units for tens of thousands of Denver youth and families. I have led organizations and causes dedicated to creating and maintaining affordability and vibrancy in the city, including Denver Housing Authority, the Downtown Denver Partnership, and Blueprint Denver. Life-long and newer friends, leaders, and engaged members of the community join me in my mayoral bid.

Community Service & Leadership Highlights


Metropolitan State University of Denver Foundation Board Member (Current)
Denver Botanic Gardens, volunteer field and garden worker (Current)


Colorado Governor’s Revenue Estimating Advisory Committee Member (Current)


Denver Housing Advisory Committee Member (Ended 2018)


Rose Community Foundation Trustee, chair of board development and education committees; strategic planning committee member (Ended 2022) 
Blueprint Denver Task Force Member (Ended 2019) 


Colorado Fiscal Institute, past-chair and treasurer of the board (Current)
Winter Park Recreation Assoc., vice president and treasurer of the board (Ended 2019) 


Denver Housing Authority, past-chair and treasurer of the commission (Ended 2021) 


Downtown Denver Partnership, past-chair and treasurer of the board (Current)


New America School, treasurer of the board (Ended 2013) 


Urban Peak, board member (Ended 2016) 
Colorado Hispanic Bar Association, Ride the Rockies youth team coach (Ended 1999) 

Career Highlights


Sabbatical, Explored a wide range of professional and personal interests


D.A. Davidson, management and banking leader social infrastructure finance (Ended 2021)


George K. Baum, hired as analyst and left as senior vice president (Ended 2013)


State of Colorado (Ended 1999) 
Colorado Department of Natural Resources, policy adviser
Colorado Governor’s Office (Policy and Energy Conservation offices), policy adviser


Bike messenger


Law office mail room clerk (Ended 1994) 

Life Highlights


Launches Denver mayoral bid
Develop strategies in urban agriculture
Downtown Denver Partnership Honorary Partner Award
Daughter graduated from East High School and starts college


Latino Community Foundation of Colorado SOL Community Leader Award (with mother)
Participated in the Green Lanes Project of People for Bikes in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Downtown Denver Partnership Volunteer of the Year Award


Anti-Defamation League Rocky Mountain Torch of Liberty Award (with mother)
First and only child born in Northwest Denver
Wife finishes medical school and pediatrics residency
Married high school sweetheart


University of Massachusetts-Amherst grad
East High School grad
Happy Broncos Fan 
Bicycled the Triple Bypass and Ride the Rockies
Rabies vaccinated dogs and cats in Ecuador


Avid skateboarder, snowboarder, cyclist, football lineman, lacrosse goalie and hiker
Sad Broncos Fan


Sad Broncos Fan (don’t let the smile fool you)
Born and raised in West Denver
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