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In The News


Meet Trinidad Rodriguez: Get to know the Denver mayor candidate

John Frank, Axios Denver - March 11, 2023

“Meet the candidate: Here's what Trinidad Rodriguez, a financial adviser, told us.”

The Aaron Harber Show: Trinidad Rodriguez

PBS 12 - March 04, 2023

“The Aaron Harber Show and PBS12 are partnering on a four-part, televised series featuring the qualifying candidates vying to be Denver's new mayor. This television broadcast series, hosted by Aaron, was filmed at four community forums throughout Denver to allow voters to hear candidates answer questions relevant to their neighborhoods and communities.”

Meet the candidates running for Denver Mayor: Trinidad Rodriguez

Kyle Clark, 9News - February 14, 2023

“Trinidad "Trini" Rodriguez is a former public finance banker who worked with clients including the City of Denver, Denver Public Schools, and RTD. He is making his first run for public office.”

Denver mayoral candidate Trinidad Rodriguez says city needs a “state of emergency” for homelessness

Conrad Swanson, The Denver Post - Feb. 26, 2023

“Denver is clearly facing many challenges today, from affordability and homelessness to rising crime,” Rodriguez said. “I believe in the city. I want to fight for it, to build my vision.”

Humanize: Trinidad Rodriguez

PBS 12 - Feb. 24, 2023

"Get to know the person behind the podium in our original production of Humanize: Denver's Mayoral Candidates. Hear from Trinidad Rodriguez about their feelings on Denver currently, how the city has changed in their eyes, how their childhood influenced their desire to lead, and much more. PBS12 hopes to humanize and create an emotional connection with the candidates to help inform voters' decision."

2023 Denver mayoral race: Candidate Trinidad Rodriguez shares his platform

Tony Kovaleski, Denver7 - Feb. 20, 2023

"Denver mayoral candidate Trinidad Rodriguez sits down with Denver7 to discuss the issues facing the city ahead of the April mayoral election. Ballots go out in the mail for the Denver mayor’s race on March 13."

Denver mayoral candidate Trinidad Rodriguez announces public safety plan

Alex Edwards, Denver Gazette - Feb. 2, 2023

"Our city can make meaningful change and be the best place to start a family, but crime is scaring people away," he said at the Thursday morning press conference. "To move our city forward, we must make our streets and neighborhoods safe again."

Opinion: Intervene on behalf of Denver’s homeless

Trinidad Rodriguez, The Gazette - Dec. 26, 2022

As a lifelong Denver resident, I’ve worked to address homelessness in various capacities for 25 years. In a way I was put on that path when, at age 11, I realized that my godfather was living unhoused with addiction. In that moment, I wished that wherever he was, someone there would protect him from himself and from anyone who might harm him if he were vulnerable.

Denver mayor candidate Trinidad Rodriguez would declare a “state of emergency” over homelessness and push for “involuntary holds” for mental health and addiction treatment

Kyle Harris, Denverite - Dec. 8, 2022

“I believe the catastrophe on our streets is principally driven by a series of health crises — not affordability in our city,” the longtime housing advocate said.

Trinidad “Trini” Rodriguez Has Entered Denver’s Mayoral Race

Kevin J. Beaty, Denverite - Nov. 25, 2022

“He defines himself as a “city builder” with deep personal experience with the biggest issues the city faces.”
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